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Profit from Design - leveraging design in business
Corporations who understand the essence of design can make a huge profit. Most companies barely scratch the surface of what design can deliver to their bottom line, while corporations that do understand how to leverage design create sustainable progress. The business of design is not just for providing a final touch of “expression” but to define the quality of the user’s experience for optimum business profitability.

The design-leader, Apple, invests about five percent of its revenue in design, and for them, this is a very good investment. Apple’s stock value outperforms its peers by one thousand per cent. In 2010, the firm’s value surpassed that of Microsoft and the value of their design effort represents eighty billion dollars of the company’s current two hundred and forty billion dollar valuation.

“Profit from Design,” teaches your team how to simplify their job while outperforming their peers by using repeatable metrics that match nine Design Quality Criteria linked to a product’s innovation characteristics.

The book also tells you how to integrate design criteria into business plans and portfolio management up front, these cutting edge scientific methods then establish and translate strategic opportunities into inspirational design briefs and new superior concepts.

The methods used in the book were developed together with Stanford University and top tier corporations over a seven-year period.

Profit from Design - leveraging design in businessxxx
They have now been successfully implemented on multiple projects from consumer products to automotive products and have been published in seventeen scientific papers and articles for international conferences and journals.

The methods allow for the prediction of a concept’s trendsetting and financial performance in the marketplace and helps leaders to quickly select the most promising and financially viable concepts for final development.


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RecommendationsProfit from Design - leveraging de
Søren Petersen has provided an inspiring new way of looking at design metrics. His new book, Profit from Design, guides one though the undefined front end of the design process and successfully integrates business and design considerations. A must read for those devoted to design excellence or interested in profiting from design.

David Kelley - Founder and chairman of IDEO, professor in mechanical engineering at Stanford University


This book is a must read for all people involved with industrial design projects. Søren Petersen's years of research into the innovative briefing process have allowed him to bring to light the most critical leading edge techniques for new product design.

Peter L. Phillips - Design Management Strategy Consultant and author of “Creating the Perfect Brief.”


"Søren Petersen brings a rich portfolio of design-in-business experience to the issues at hand.  Driven by frustration with endless design-concept-politics he entered the Center for Design Research program at Stanford University to "get quantitative."  Mission impossible?  No, through diligence and insight he has forged a system of metrics that can improve design performance.  Try them." Larry

Professor Larry Leifer - Director, Center for Design Research; Director, Industry Affiliate Program for Teaching Design Thinking

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